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"We need a government that works for the people... we need bold leaders with bold ideas who are not afraid to listen to different perspective to get things done."

-Jessica Katzenmeyer

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No one should ever have to go into debt or file for bankruptcy because of medical bills, plain and simple.


We have the opportunity to be a world leader in clean energy, and in the process, create millions of good-paying jobs for hard-working Americans.

3-2-1 to Win!

Let's face it: very few working Americans can afford to make big political donations. As our nation faces increasing wealth disparity, the power that comes with political financing has become more and more reserved for the elite and the wealthy. 


Scott Fitzgerald, Jessica's opponent in this race, raised over $1.5 million dollars for his 2020 election campaign. Clearly, those wealthy and elite are in his corner, but the average, hard-working people of Wisconsin can send a clear message that corporate money can no longer buy Wisconsin elections! That's why we're asking every one of our supporters to join our '3-2-1 to Win!' campaign!


Here's how it works:


Make a $3 recurring, monthly contribution.


Ask two friends to make the same contribution.

The more, the merrier! If you have more than 2 friends who you think would love to support Jessica's campaign, feel free to invite them all!


Post one social share.

Use the platform of your choice! Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Tik Tok... wherever you are, shout us out! If you happen to use one of these sites, please tag us!

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-Jessica Katzenmeyer

"The people of Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District are strong, dedicated, hard-working people who deserve an equally strong, dedicated, and hard-working leader in Washington. I promise to be that leader.

About Our District


Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District is made up of vibrant, hard-working, family-oriented folks and is positioned deep in the heart of Wisconsin. Just East of the Capitol, CD5 extends to all of Jefferson and Washington Counties, most of Waukesha County, portions of Dodge and Walworth Counties, and most of Milwaukee's Northern and Western suburbs.


Almost 584,000 age-eligible voters.

Over 140,000 Seniors aged 65 or older.

Representing 26 different registered ancestries.

More than 40,000 Veterans.

Over 75,000 people living with disabilities.

Want a comprehensive look at CD5's census data? Click here!

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