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What's best for our kids is what's best for our state.

Jessica believes that one of the greatest services our government can provide is education for our children. With that being said, public dollars should fund public schools. Jessica will increase state funding to public schools and bring Wisconsin’s per pupil spending above the national average. It’s what is best for our kids and our communities.

Our state revenue cap needs to be raised - it’s the only way that our schools will be able to provide high quality education to all of our children and ensure that fundamental services like mental health care are available. Jessica commits to voting in favor of raising the revenue cap.

Jessica understands that the voucher system has provided relief for many families across Wisconsin throughout its time in effect; however, Jessica believes that we need to reevaluate its purpose, need, and effectiveness. Right now voucher schools are reimbursed at different rates for special education and are held to different standards than public schools. The program must be reevaluated.

Wisconsin schools only have 1 school psychologist for every 901 students (1:500 recommended) and 1 school social worker for every 1,750 students (1:250 recommended).


We must work to achieve the recommended ratio for our students. Parents, communities, school boards, etc. can rally together in support of proactively providing school-based mental health services for our children’s needs.

Jessica's Top Education Priorities:

1. Raise the state revenue caps so that schools are able to use and have adequate funding for special education and mental health services.

2. Make sure that our teachers are paid a living and fair wage and restore collective bargaining rights, undoing the damage of Act 10.

3. Reevaluate the need for a private school voucher system and make sure that public schools and private schools operate under the same systems and are fairly funded.

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