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No one should ever have to go into debt or file for bankruptcy because of medical bills, plain and simple.

Unfortunately, we have heard far too many tragic stories of Americans who cannot afford the health care they need. Almost having her life ruined by medical debt, Jessica wants to make sure others do not have to face the struggles she once faced.


Health care is a human right


...and that is why she made fixing our health care system her number-one priority. As your senator, here is what Jessica promises to do:

  • Work to expand BadgerCare
  • Lower health care costs and increase insurance affordability
  • Expand access to mental health care
  • Fight for medication affordability of life-saving prescriptions like epinephrine and insulin
  • Propose health care options for small businesses

Increasing access to care is key to building a healthier nation. 


That is why Jessica will expand access to preventative care for millions nationwide. Data shows that people are far more likely to use preventative care services regardless of income level, but especially the lowest, after the implementation of the ACA . Better access to preventative cancer screenings, reproductive health services, and tele-health options will not only improve the health of those who use these services, but significantly encourage more Americans to begin using them.

Increasing access to care is key to building a healthier nation. 

Increase Mental Health Coverage

1 out of 4
people live with a diagnosable mental disorder 

Mental Illness Stat Pic.png

An estimated 1 in 4 Americans live with a diagnosable mental health disorder . There needs to be more done to help the over 82 million Americans currently struggling with mental illness. For young Americans, strong public options reduced out-of-pocket spending on mental health services . In our criminal justice system, studies have shown that mental health coverage increased under the implementation of the ACA . However, much more still needs to be done to provide increased access to mental health services. Jessica will continue to fight for proper funding of mental health services and investing in new programs that will improve access around the country.




Increasing access to care is key to building a healthier nation. 


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