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Wisconsin has the opportunity to lead our nation in clean energy, and in the process, create thousands of good-paying jobs for hard-working Wisconsinites. In times like this, where our infrastructure is crumbling, we should do what we can to move our state forward. This means expanding broadband to those who need it, working with farmers toward more sustainable agriculture practices, and investing in clean energy technology.

High-Speed Rail

  • Build railways throughout Wisconsin (Madison to Milwaukee and beyond)

  • More public transportation options help to reduce the number of cars on the roads which in turn reduces emissions, provides jobs, and stimulates economic growth

  • Continue to support Wisconsin Unions by utilizing their services in the creation of the high-speed rail

Modernizing Roadways and Making Them Safer

  • Fix the damn potholes

  • Make roads more accessible and safe

  • Create safer spaces for bikers along roadways

Clean Wisconsin

  • Encourage the use of electric cars

    • Tax credit for individuals to purchase electric vehicles​

    • Build electric charging stations across the state

  • Encourage the use of solar panels in residential homes

    • Tax credit for individuals

    • Grants for businesses and organizations

    • Build more solar panels in WI

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