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Strengthening workers rights increases overall productivity leading to faster economic growth. 


When I am elected, I will lead the fight for creation of legislation on improving worker protection rights. This legislation would be similar to the Silenced No More Act which was passed in the states of California and Washington. 


  • Bans the use of non-disclosure agreements, which typically silence workers who have experienced any kind of harassment and discrimination in the workplace

  • Work to repeal misleading right to work legislation that takes the power away from you and puts that power into the hands of your employer

  • It is wrong for employers to silence workers who have experienced workplace discrimination, retaliation, and harassment 


Creating less toxic environments increases productivity, leading to faster economic growth. 


When I am elected I will do all I can to support the Unions made up of hard working Wisconsinites like you


  • Introduce legislation to prevent companies from preventing or busting unions

  • Work towards repealing Act 10 in Wisconsin which has devastated unions for over 10 years

  • Wisconsin has a strong history of labor unions. Over time, legislation has lessened the impact of unions on workers. We need to bring power back to the workers and working families.


When I am elected I will fight to increase minimum wage to a livable wage.


  • The current minimum wage is not enough. We need to raise this to a livable wage.

  • Increasing starting wages decreases overhead for businesses. Employees are more likely to stay in a job in which they are fairly compensated, which decreases the need to continually hire new employees.

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